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At Penta Builders we believe that every building and project should be completed and enjoyable experience. Our team is made of passionate professionals and each of them is proud of the five-star quality of work that provides in making your home or business property renovated and good-looking again. Our working procedures are designed to take all the stress and hard-work of your shoulders while our experts are doing all the work for you. You requirements are very important for us, so you will be close to the project the whole time while our professionals are working. The main thing you need to do is to share your plans and visions about the project you need and we will take care of the rest. Building and renovation projects of all kinds will be performed for you by experienced and hard-working team of architects, technicians and real master in builders business. Furthermore, we are reliable and professional provider that always delivers top-quality services in Fulham. We are working only with trusted and strong tools, equipment and materials manufactured by the leading brand in this field.


The perfect balance between price and quality
The perfect balance between price and quality will be provided by our trusted professionals.
Reliable and professional team
Reliable and professional team to for delivering the optimal results responding to your needs.
Detailed information about rates
Detailed information about rates, booking hours and all the features that the service includes.
Personalized help and support
Personalized help and support about renovations, conversions and other services we represent for every customer.
Straightforward contact
Straightforward contact with the support to arrange a service and get the proper help.
First-class services
First-class services and reasonable prices for all domestic and business customers.

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  • Successful FInished Projects 100%
  • Client Satisfaction 99%
  • Positive Feedback 96%

With us you can be 100% confident that all the details will be covered and the requirements you have will be fulfilled. From the design to the perfect finish all the features will be included. The project price will be made based of various factors according to the price of the property and the specifics of the service needed. Our record of happy customers is continuously growing. If you want to become a part of our happy clients get in touch and we will make your project become a reality.

We are real professionals in the field of builders services and we can arrange all the details and aspects of the work and find the proper team to do it. We take pride in every work and property that we are working on. The technicians are friendly and have the experience and knowledge to do all the tasks you have and solve your problems in a timely manner. Rely on us for refurbishments, conversions, extensions, water damage restorations, etc. Each job will be provided by proven experts and for a reasonable price. This way you will get real value for money.


What Our Clients Says:

Elena, SW3 4SY

Hello John, I am very happy with Alex and the team. Thank you all so much. Particularly Alex who has patiently answered all our questions. You are fantastic. Best wishes Elena!

Rick Larson

I employed Penta Builders technicians for garage conversion. The work was excellent and I’m totally happy with the results.

Mae Willis

I couldn’t express how happy I am after you helped me to restore my house. The water damage restoration team was outstanding. Thank you!

Irving Paul

A friend of mine recommended this company. The kitchen refurbishment service was top-notch and now I am able to enjoy my kitchen once again. Well-done!

Barry Stokes

Excellent carpentry services and short response time. The job was provided perfectly and I am very happy of everything.

Harriet, NW10 3PT

The guys did a fantastic job, thank you!

Luca, EC2A 2AH

Great job! I like it. Thanks!

We at Penta Builders in Fulham are bringing a huge diversity of builders solutions and services for all residents whether they have some commercial home properties that need to be taken care of. Our main and most important goal is to bring first-class professional builders services to every customer that needs us and we will arrange specially trained teams to do that. We are offering custom services for every need in the area of Fulham. We have backed up our services with 100% guarantee for satisfaction. Every service we provide is made according to every requirement you have. Be sure that when you book a service on Penta Builders everything will be covered and provided by the most experienced teams in your area. Every member of the team is checked, with previous references and trained in every feature of the professional cleaning business standards. They will cover everything you want to even take that extra step to deliver the utmost satisfaction for the customer. You can rely on us when some builders need appears. Our top-class services are implemented in a highly flexible fixture, so you can always fit them in your agenda. The rates we have are reasonable for the high quality of our services. The experts will arrange all the materials, supplies and equipment for the current work you have. The supplies are from proven professional manufacturers symbol of reliability and quality on market. This way we are making sure the results of our work will last for years and we never make compromise with the quality of the services provided in Fulham. Leave the hard-working about the renovations, conversions and refurbishments of your property in Fulham to us. Reach us at 020 3026 9219 and our assistants will help with more information you want, choose a booking time and set up a time to visit. Here, the convenient booking slots and five-star services are available Monday to Friday. To renovate and restore the former glory of your property whether if it is domestic or business we got your back.

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