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Complete Bathroom Refurbishments in Fulham

You want to change your shower or you need a bigger bathtub. You want to change place of your bathroom sink and install a new one. You want modernized and updated bathroom, or some special showers and modern toilet. Then, you need to call Penta Builders to provide you with the utmost quality bathroom refurbishment service. We can offer you will coverage of the work and great execution of your project. With us you will get the bathroom you have always dreamed of hassle-free and quick.
We will give you the proper team of experts which includes plumbers, installers, tilers, electricians and whatever else you need to give the amazing outlook and bring the comfort in your bathroom. They use proven methods to deal with all the aspects of the work and to provide the exact project you want. Whatever your requirements and needs about bathroom refurbishment are, trust on our company to give you the right and efficient technicians to take care for it.

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Every bathroom refurbishment work is unique and Penta Builders will do it without a problem. The service is made flexible just for this situation which may vary due to its volume of work, time for implementation and other specifics. The professionals can deal with all the specifications and needs you have about the bathroom refurbishment. We are working with the best teams and only high-quality materials.

Penta Builders professionals know all about the importance of this premise. That is why they work with great attention and closely to you and there is a project manager who will give you an update of every stage of the work done. With the years of experience they have in the industry, the technicians has gained a vast knowledge and developed their skills. The perfect finish of every design is guaranteed. Here, the standards about every bathroom refurbishment are exemplary and the experts are always able to reach it.

We are focused on applying the best equipment, high-end materials and supplies. The materials are durable and your newly refurbished bathroom will look great for years to come. All the members of the professional team are experienced, vetted and 100% reliable. To make a booking or gather more information about the bathroom refurbishments Penta Builders offers in Fulham never hesitate to contact us. On 020 3026 9219 our friendly support will provide you with information and all the help you want during our working hours.

What Our Clients Says:

Elena, SW3 4SY

Hello John, I am very happy with Alex and the team. Thank you all so much. Particularly Alex who has patiently answered all our questions. You are fantastic. Best wishes Elena!

Rick Larson

I employed Penta Builders technicians for garage conversion. The work was excellent and I’m totally happy with the results.

Mae Willis

I couldn’t express how happy I am after you helped me to restore my house. The water damage restoration team was outstanding. Thank you!

Irving Paul

A friend of mine recommended this company. The kitchen refurbishment service was top-notch and now I am able to enjoy my kitchen once again. Well-done!

Barry Stokes

Excellent carpentry services and short response time. The job was provided perfectly and I am very happy of everything.

Harriet, NW10 3PT

The guys did a fantastic job, thank you!

Luca, EC2A 2AH

Great job! I like it. Thanks!

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