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Personalized House/Flat Refurbishment Across Fulham

At Penta Builders we bring skillful professionals with technical expertise to match the needs of every house or flat refurbishment project you have. With years of experience in this business, we can provide you with outstanding full or partial refurbishment service for your property whether if it is a whole house or just a flat. The experts will make everything right to ensure the impeccable finish according to your budget and schedule.

The team that you will get is experienced and highly trained.

This means that all the tasks will be covered according to the highest professional standards by real experts. With our refurbishment services it is really easy to add value to your property. We use only the best craftsman and materials to give you the proper solutions you need.

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No matter what your refurbishment project is our professionals will prioritize the work to be efficient and quick as possible. The experts here have been through unique challenges in their work, so it is good to know that all the work and will be provided according to the safety and health standards. The work will be provided by the most experienced technicians that are carefully selected according to the task you have. The duration of the refurbishment will vary due to its size and volume of work that has to be done. At Penta Builders we are using eco-friendly building materials and practices. We are devoted and really passionate about finding the best refurbishment solutions for houses and flats all around Fulham.

The Penta Builders will help you to refurbish your home property from top to bottom or partially. Whether if it is for just some rooms or the entire property in Fulham, we will give you the most skillful and talented team of experts to take care for you. The most modern equipment, materials and techniques will be involved in the work, so your property will be in the condition you want it to be according to your plan. The team will make sure every aspect of the work is done perfectly and they will cover every requirement you have. Get your refurbishment done by the trusted professionals from Penta Builders. Available Monday to Friday on 020 3026 9219 you can ask your questions or book a survey. Your flat or house will be refurbished according to your plans with the use of durable and high-quality materials and supplies.

What Our Clients Says:

Elena, SW3 4SY

Hello John, I am very happy with Alex and the team. Thank you all so much. Particularly Alex who has patiently answered all our questions. You are fantastic. Best wishes Elena!

Rick Larson

I employed Penta Builders technicians for garage conversion. The work was excellent and I’m totally happy with the results.

Mae Willis

I couldn’t express how happy I am after you helped me to restore my house. The water damage restoration team was outstanding. Thank you!

Irving Paul

A friend of mine recommended this company. The kitchen refurbishment service was top-notch and now I am able to enjoy my kitchen once again. Well-done!

Barry Stokes

Excellent carpentry services and short response time. The job was provided perfectly and I am very happy of everything.

Harriet, NW10 3PT

The guys did a fantastic job, thank you!

Luca, EC2A 2AH

Great job! I like it. Thanks!

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